INPEA Annual Membership and Board Meetings - News and Notices

Nov       16 Call moved to new date - check back for update - to accomodate Oceania Members
             12 Call starts at 10:30 AM NY time to accomodate our US West Coast Members.
             27 INPEA Members and Board Meeting via Zoom
Oct        19 GSA Interest Group Meeing (see above link and e mail)
             All are welcome GSA membership not required.
             13 Call starts at 7:30Am NY time
Sept     08
July     Members Meetings are changed to Monthly.. watch for dates. 
           30 "INPEA" Bi-Weekly Members' Call-in
               Members to hear from Pat Brownell regarding her interest in Trauma 
          16  Cancelled due to our joint WEAAD Program with Trinity College Dublin
       19th "INPEA" Bi-Weekly Members' Call-in  New Time 10:30AM EST
      19th "INPEA" Bi-Weekly Members' Call-in
      Members to discuss: 11th OEWGA Outcome, INPEA OEWGA11 Side Event: Seeking Justice, SDG's HLPF, WEAAD 2021 theme, UNECE Pre-MIPPA Review
        7th "INPEA" Bi-Weekly Members' Call-in - (Informal Notes)
     10th  "INPEA" Bi-Weekly Members' Call-in -
3rd  "INPEA" Bi-Weekly Members' Call-in -
Moving Forward: Members to discuss Member Research, UN Representation, HRC, CSW65 and 11th OEWGA; WHO initatives and more.
22nd "INPEA in-Brief" Member Presentations:(TBC)
8th    "INPEA in-Brief" Member Presentations: Book Reviews Author: Lisa Nerenberg, Editor: Mala Kapur Shankardass, Plus: Patricia Brownell - Review of WHO
     24th   "INPEA in-Brief" Member Presentations: Research on Nursing Home Abuse, Wenche Karin Malmadal, on Norway and Ariela Lowenstein, on Israel.  
     13th  New "INPEA In-Brief"  Members Presentations Bi-Weekly INPEA Members Call-in
                 Intersectionality of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in NAVAOP, Co Author. with Pat Brownell
                 Prof MaryBeth Morrissey, Fordham Univ NY (Springer)
     19th - 20th  Prague - Age Connects Conf with Zivot - 90
     20th GSA Interest Group - Zoom Meeting
     27th INPEA Annual Membership Meeting - via Zoom - Agenda tbp/Minutes tbp
     27th INPEA Annual Board Meeting - via Zoom - Click here for Agenda 
29th RESUME Bi-Weekly INPEA Members' Call-in -
       Moving Forward: Members to discuss INPEA's Research Agenda Options
       16 Inaugural INPEA MEMBERS' WEB-SESSION: Click for FLYER and Program
       Mistreatment of older persons, residential care homes, and COVID-19 (Click for Audio file)
(Click for PDF Presentation) INPEA Members National Survey Results: Marie Beaulieu
       30 Bi-Weekly INPEA Members' Call-in -
       Moving Forward: Members to discuss INPEA's Research Agenda Options
       15   Krakow, Poland, in conjunction with WEAAD2019 Commemoration
       28   Geneva, Switzerland, in conjunction with 41 HRC
              Geneva, Switzerland, in conjunction with 42 HRC
       17  Montevideo, Uruguay, in conjunction with IAGG COMLAT Meeting
       23  Taipei, Taiwan, in conjunction with IAGG Taiwan Meeting
       14 Kerala, India in conjunction with GAROP Asia Regional H R Training
       15 Austin, Texas, in conjunction with the GSA Meeting
            Annual Membership Meeting Official Notice/Minutes
            Annual Board of Directors Meeting Official Notice/Minutes

International Federation on Ageing

Global Conference on Ageing entitled Challenge – Transform - Change



Thank you for joining INPEA at the IFA 15th Global Conference, Niagara Falls, Canada 10-12 Nov 2021. INPEA members below participated and brought much needed and well received knowlege and experiences, especially with respect to violence, abuse and neglect of older women.  

Day 1) 10:30 Ariela Lowenstein, (Israel),  INPEA EU Reg Rep and Colleagues (#173)

Day 2)  8:30 Laura Tamblin Watts, (CanAge), (Ca)(#Plenary Keynote ) 

Day 3) 10:30 Patricia Brownell, (USA), Elsie Yan, (Hong Kong SAR China),  Maria Aurora Fenech, (Malta), Silvia Perel Levin, (Geneva), Susan Somers, (USA), Marie Beaulieu, Moderator, (Ca) (#232)

             3:00 Gloria Gutman, INPEA Past President (Ca)  (#73)