WEAAD Around the World - Global Reports 2010
Reports of events that happened on and around 15 June in recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
My World... Your World... Our World... Free of Elder Abuse

"Thanks to All!" for participating in the 5th Global WEAAD 2010
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Results Announced for 3rd Annual Essay Competition on Elder Abuse for WEAAD 2010
From the Silver Innings Foundation: www.silverinnings.com
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1) For all age group: Elders Abuse
'The Change Has to Start at Our Home'

1st Best : Vasanthi Sankaranarayanan Rs.500/- and Certificate
2nd Best : Dr Vineeth S - Participation Certificate
3rd Best : M. A. PUROHIT - Participation Certificate
1st Consolation: Pradnya Surve - Participation Certificate
2nd Consolation: Arundathi Kaikini - Participation Certificate

2) For School Students - Class 5th to class 10th
'My Grandparents - Our Golden Treasures'

1st Best: Manav Varma, 12 yrs - Rs.500/- and Certificate

3) For Students - 1st year College to Post graduation
'No Excuse for Elder Abuse - Signs and Solutions'

1st Best: Vishakha Gupta, 19 yrs, 2nd graduate student - Rs.500/- and Certificate
2nd Best : Achala Gupta, MSW - Participation Certificate
3rd Best : Yash Bharadwaj,2nd Yr Law Student - Participation Certificate

Participation Certificates also given to:

1. Dr Vineeth S
3. Pradnya Surve
4. Arundathi Kaikini
5. Achala Gupta
6. Yash Bharadwaj
7. Vanita Kumta
8. Mrs.Prerana D.Desai
9. Shinsy P S
10. Resy Antony

On the occasion of 5th Global World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 15th June 2010, Silver Inning Foundation (SIF), a Dedicated organization for senior citizens and their family members, commemorated World Elder Abuse Awareness Day from 21st May to 25th June 2010. It has taken the initiative to host various events to create awareness and sensitize the Government and the Civil Society to eliminate elder abuse at both micro and macro level. It also did networking with organizations working with elderly in Mumbai and all over India.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2010
Month long various Programme Detail:

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Fifth World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

15th June 2010


Observed with unprecedented enthusiasm from all involved

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WEAAD events of the day were broadcasted by major TV and Radio stations as main national news. Major dailies and weeklies of 15th June carried articles on different aspects of ageing society and elder abuse. All stakeholders in the government, non-government and private sectors; social leaders; civil societies, intellectuals and media effectively played their role in making Fifth WEAAD a success.

These achievements were possible because planning for the day was started two weeks before by National Senior Citizens Organizations' Network Nepal (NSCONN) or Rastriya Jystha Nagarik Sanstha Sanjal in Nepali and Sanjal in short. A Preparation Committee was formed under the able leadership of Dr. Gouri Shankar Lal Das, Founder Member of Sanjal. The Committee was given full responsibility and authority to plan and execute events for the day. The INPEA "Tool Kit" Community Guide to Raise World Awareness on Adult Abuse was very helpful in planning and implementing the events.

To download the full documentation with many photos, please click here (.pdf 1.5MB)



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REPORT from Croatia World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2010
“My World…Your World… Our World – Free of Elder Abuse“

On 15 June 2010, Association for protection and promotion rights of elderly, organised a TRIBINA – entitled: "Our world... world without elder abuse", as part of marking the World Elder Abuse Day, 15 June. This date has been marked in Croatia for the last two years.

The event, on behalf of Association for protection and promotion rights of elderly, was opened by Mrs. Mira Cokic, LL.B.

Presentations and discusion on the following topics:
Violence against the elderly, legal aspects (Mira Cokic, LL.B.)
It is necessary to improve the legal framework that will provide better protection to older people.
Abuse of elderly - a life shrouded in mystery and fear (Mr.sc. Dasa Poredos Lavor)
Disability in the Elderly (Mr.med.sc. Mirjana Dobranovic)
Let us add life to years (Mr.sc. Jasminka Dlesk Bozic)
Education of the elderly - a secret of longevity (Jasna Curin, prof.)

The event attended by electronic/printed media and representatives of Government Office for Human Rights, Ministry of the Family, Veterans' Affairs and Intergenerational Solidarity, Pensioners' Party - BLOCK retirees together, Centre for Social Welfare, etc.

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2010
“My World…Your World… Our World – Free of Elder Abuse

On 14 June 2010, HumanaS network, with the Red Cross of Serbia as a host, organised a round table discussion entitled "My world... your world... our world... world without elder abuse“, as part of marking the World Elder Abuse Day, 15 June. This discussion was made possible thanks to the financial support provided by World Health Organization. This date has been marked in Serbia for the last four years.

Pasted Graphic 5
The event was, on behalf of HumanaS opened by Prof. Dragan Radovanovic, MD, Phd, the President of the Red Cross of Serbia. After him, Melita Vujnovic MDof WHO talked about the influence of socio-economic determinants on health.

The Red Cross of Serbia and HumanaS network, along with the older beneficiaries and volunteers of their programmes have participated in the global advocacy campaign for the new United Nations’ convention. The text of the advocacy campaign, entitled “Strengthening older people’s rights- TOWARDS A UN CONVENTION” has been translated to Serbian and presented to the decision makers in Serbia. On the round table discussion, the document was presented by Natasha Todorovic of the Red Cross of Serbia/ HumanaS.

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Firefighter Kinga!

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2010

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To celebrate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, June 15th
Kinga Przybylik from UK organisation “Elder Protection”
became a firefighter for the day.

Kinga, joined the day watch at Newmarket Fire Station, in the county of Suffolk, after Ed Mullenger founder of “Elder Protection” and a former firefighter at Newmarket himself until he crossed the waters to join the French Fire Service in Newmarket's twin town of Maisons-Laffitte near Paris.

Ed organised the day to mark the 5th International event to bring Awareness of Elder Abuse to the attention of everyone. Kinga, took part in various training exercises after learning what equipment each Fire Engine carried and finished her training with a spell in the smoke house to get a taste of what a real fire could be like.

342.000 elderly people are abused in their own homes each year in the UK, this figure does not include Care Homes or other areas where abuse can take place. Elder Protection, receives appeals for help every week from people who suspect that their elderly parents and being financially abused by their care workers or another family member, or who are being abused in some other way. At present there is no legislation that protects Elderly People from Abuse and Elder Protection continues to lobby the Government for this. Ed, say’s that David Cameron was quoted in the newspapers just before the UK Elections as being “Horrified” by the abuse of elderly people in care homes and that he would change all this, however from recent correspondence from Downing Street to Ed, it clearly shows that this is not one of his priorities for the fore see able future, and Elder Protection pledged to continue the campaign for protection to the same level as for children at the very least.

Elder Abuse is Not Acceptable! and information leaflets were also handed out to members of the Public during the day to further highlight the problems faced by elderly people.

See It... Stop It... Prevent It... Elder Abuse is a Crime! Help Stop It NOW!!

Visit on the web at www.elderprotection.co.uk
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WEAAD 2010

In Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin a competition took place to identify the most innovative WEAAD event being held across the county, more than 24 events took place registered with Shropshire Partners in Care. These included events hosted by the independent sector and statutory organisations. This years efforts have been hailed as a great success and the organisations that took part have fed back how positive it was to commemorate this day with service users and staff.

Shropshire Partners in Care, Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council lead each year on promoting this day and raising awareness of elder abuse. We look forward to next years event and thank all the organisations that took part in 2010.

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  • Alexandra House Residential Home
  • Briarfields (Coverage Care Services)
  • Cheswardine Hall Nursing and Residential Home
  • Coton Hill House (Coverage Care Services)
  • Doddington Lodge Residential Care Home (Chelcare Ltd)
  • Heatherdene Care Home (Primecare Homes Britannia Ltd)
  • Helena Lane Day Centre (Shropshire Council)
  • Hightrees Nova (Castlehaven Ltd)
  • Hilton Brook House
  • HMP Shrewsbury (The Dana)
  • Fairholme (Coverage Care Services)
  • Four Rivers Nursing Home (Shropshire Council)
  • Greenfields Court (Shropshire Council)
  • Llysfield Nursing and Residential Home (Llysfield Nursing Home Ltd)
  • Meres Day Centre (Shropshire Council)
  • Millbrook Day Centre (Accord Housing Association Ltd.)
  • S & T Home Care (S & T Home Care Ltd.)
  • Rylands Nursing and Residential Home (Rylands Care Ltd.)
  • Stone House (Coverage Care Services)
  • Tender Care (United Care Ltd)
  • The Field House (Barchester Healthcare)
  • Vicarage Nursing Home (Ephraims Care Group)
  • Woodcote Hall Nursing Home (Select Healthcare)
  • Woodcroft (Coverage Care Services)

Shropshire Partners in Care Ltd. (S.P.I.C.) "Setting the Standards"
Tel: 01743 860011 Fax: 01743 861270
Website: www.spic.co.uk

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Dia Mundial de Conscientização da Violência contra à Pessoa Idosa

"Gentileza e Respeito não tem idade"

Acesse o LINK abaixo e assista a continuidade das manifestações do dia 15/06

Campanha nacional quer garantir que direitos dos idosos sejam cumpridos

alcance esta ligação para a lista do evento de WEAAD


From the NCEA Newsfeed on Elder Abuse

"Caring for Yesterday's Children: New Ministry Focuses on Elder Abuse"

June 15 was declared the Fifth Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Its theme was Protect Our Elders. They protect us.
--- Article in The Trinidad Guardian --- June 24, 2010 (TRINIDAD)



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Blog about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
from the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging



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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
The Celebration
June 15th 2010
Vermont - Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom Vulnerable Adult Action Coalition (NEK VAAC) hosted two Celebrations on June 15th to commemorate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Coalition members were at the Lyndonville Senior Meal site at the Darling Inn and at the Good Living Senior Center/St Johnsbury Senior Meal site from 10:30-11:30, with displays of artwork and stories that celebrated dignity and respect throughout the life span. The theme wear “something purple to show you care” was reaffirmed by purple carnations that were handed out to participants, that also had trailing purple ribbons to help raise awareness of the subject of elder abuse.
Pasted Graphic 10

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The Northeast Kingdom Vulnerable Adult Action Coalition is centered in Caledonia/S. Essex counties of Vermont, and is a team of local law enforcement officers, social service and health care providers dedicated to insuring the safety and well being of vulnerable adults. For more information about the Coalition and its work, contact one of the co-chairs: Chief Richard Leighton of the St. Johnsbury Police Department at 748-2314 or Lynn Goulding Agency on Aging for Northeastern VT at 748-5182.

Together, we have the power to prevent elder abuse.

Lynn Goulding
Family Caregiver Support Program Specialist/NEK Vulnerable Adult Action Coalition Co-Chair
Area Agency on Aging for Northeastern VT
481 Summer Street. Suite 101
St. Johnsbury VT 05819
1-802-751-0426 Fax: 1-802-748-6622
Click to e-mail lgoulding @

On the Web - www.nevaaa.org
On Twitter - @AAA_NE_Vermont
On Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Area-Agency-on-Aging-for-Northeastern-Vermont/112775447499

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Preliminary Data Report For
Lifeline Community Care Queensland’s
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 2010
Elder Abuse Awareness Campaign

Pasted Graphic 11
This report provides cursory description and analysis of data arising from an elder abuse awareness campaign conducted by Lifeline Community Care Queensland’s Elder Abuse Prevention Unit (EAPU) and the Queensland Department of Communities for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 2010. The statistics and charts contained in this report have been checked for accuracy and can be used with confidence.

It is the intention of Lifeline’s EAPU to provide a full research paper based on the WEAAD 2010 campaign to explore the best methods of undertaking an awareness campaign for elder abuse. This future paper will provide greater detail including a gender analysis. This WEAAD 2010 campaign was based on research undertaken by the EAPU in 2009 to design and make predictions about the best method of raising awareness about elder abuse. With the assistance of Lifeline’s Communications and Fundraising section the “Is it Happening to Someone you Know” awareness campaign was subsequently developed.

The Queensland Department of Communities also launched the “Act as One against Elder Abuse” campaign during WEAAD 2010 which also promoted Lifeline’s Elder Abuse Helpline number. The Department’s campaign is acknowledged as having a significant impact on the figures in this report. The synergies of the two campaigns make it difficult for differentiating whether calls were as a result of the Department’s or EAPU’s campaign. However a separate section is provided for the Department’s information where this data could be separated.
Pasted Graphic 12
Elder Abuse Prevention Unit (EAPU)

On the web at www.eapu.com.au
Click here to download full preliminary report (1.6MB .pdf)

WEAAD 2010 Report

WEAAD 2010 inspired the broadest range of promotional activities yet undertaken in Perth WA. One of the “firsts” included the illuminating of Council House (and three other Perth venues) in purple livery for the occasion. For more information please visit: http://heritageperth.com.au/council-house-lights-up

More “firsts” were achieved with the adoption of the occasion by members of the Perth Hash House Harriettes (photo) who gave information to members and guests at a purple themed athletic meeting on 15 June.

Click Perth Hash House Harriettes above to download photos and report.pdf
Giving real meaning to the power of one, our rural advocate in Geraldton, 425 Km north of Perth, single-handedly organised a variety of events, some of which are listed here:

• Set up a display in Geraldton library making purple ribbons available to library users
• Geraldton Hospital staff prepared a purple themed display for their quiz
• The Womens’ Health Resource Centre hosted a purple day and published a newsletter item giving information about WEAAD

The Public Trustee
This year, the more traditional publicity methods moved out into the community and encompassed more than a single day. Education sessions concerning Enduring Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Guardianship and Advance Health Directives were conducted by the Office of the Public Advocate for both service providers and the general community. The Public Trustee hosted a meeting on the prevention of financial abuse which was booked to capacity. Another meeting will be held later in the year.

The Acting Director, Department for Communities Mr Eddie Bartnik launched a Topic Sheet entitled “Family Agreements: knowing your rights and responsibilities” at the Northern Suburbs Community Legal Service in Mirrabooka. Local governments were contacted state wide and given encouragement to access INPEA information resources to spread the message in their local areas as were Home and Community Care (HACC) agencies.
Media interest was encouraged by:
• A news release prepared by the Western Australian Police for 15 June, 2010
• Mr Greg Mahney, Chairperson of the Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, being interviewed about WEAAD on commercial radio

Advocare provided an Elder Abuse Recognition and Response workshop on the 18th of June. This was attended by community care coordinators, service managers and health professionals. Participants found the session very informative, interactive and an excellent opportunity for information sharing.

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Across the world hundreds of international, national, regional and community organisations and governmental bodies are drawing attention to elder abuse and its significance as a public health and human rights issue.
Excerpt from Helpage eNewsletter. Full report at http://www.helpage.org/News/Latestnews/bj8k
Nice results with this one...

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Quite a number of states and other municipalities declaring proclamations for this "wear purple" day.